At Tracy Quantum Consulting, we offer a number of meditation, motivation and speaking engagements for  variety of groups, individuals and organizations. Our meditation and motivational coaches can help you or your organization become inspired, more focused, and less stressed.

Corporate Meditation

Tracy Quantum Consulting can help you and your organization reduce stress and anxiety and improve focus in the workplace. Suitable for large groups, corporate retreats and individual mentoring for leadership, our meditation packages are perfect for making the work place happier and more productive.

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Military Meditation Training

At Tracy Quantum Consulting, we offer specific, tailor-made meditation sessions and motivational coaching that can help both currently serving and veterans to cope with stress, disability, TBI and PTSD. Our effective strategies have helped both current service men and women as well as veterans.

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Personal Development Meditation

Tracy Quantum can help you with your personal journey in mindfulness. Our coaching focuses on both motivation and meditation, helping you focus, practice and improve your techniques. If you currently meditate, we can help you deepen your practices and improve your techniques in mindfulness.

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Presentation Engagements

Tracy Quantum Consultants are available for public and private speaking engagements, including seminars, conferences, office or corporate speaking and meditational studies. Our skilled presenters are the perfect way to bring engagement and inspiration to your next event.

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Personal Development Professionals

If you are in the business of helping, coaching or developing others, meditation is a powerful resource in your tool kit. TQ Consultants can teach you not only the techniques of meditation for your personal benefit, but also give you the skills to become an effective meditation coach as well.

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Our meditation and motivational coaching can be fully customized to suit your individual or group needs.
We know that through meditation and motivation, you can achieve harmony and inner peace, while enjoying renewed health and vitality for years to come.

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