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Tracy Quantum Consulting is proud to provide service to many different people, with excellent results and high customer satisfaction. Tracy Quantum’s guided meditation for relaxation, concentration, and creativity has helped many people throughout the years. We love to share our positive feedback with you.



Endorsements and Testimonials

As a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor acquired from combat explosions I struggle at times to accept the new me.  Life changes after a TBI. The abrupt change from the injury took a toll on my emotions.  It brought sadness and frustrations.  I was reluctant to accept all the changes that were happening so suddenly in my life because I was on a constant race with the “old me”, reluctant to accept the new me.  Great part of the TBI rehabilitation is the acceptance of the new life and owning the injury.  It all happens by the acquisition of knowledge and acceptance of the present.  The past cannot be changed. The future is what is left to look at, this accomplished by accepting the present.  In this journey of self discovery and acceptance, Tracy Dyson provided me with valuable tools and education to keep walking my path in life.  I encourage others to use his priceless tools as change happens from the inside out.  Healing starts on the inside!!!

Sgt. 1st Class Victor Medina, Purple Heart Recipient

You taught us how to relax and appreciate the moment, our small accomplishments as well as the great things we have accomplished. The energy that you provide during your speaking and meditation is priceless. I will highly recommend you to my other colleagues and social group.

Bea Foster, Chair, Metropolitan Employment Networking Association (MENA)

I wish I had found Tracy Quantum 20 years ago! I never thought meditation would have such a profound effect on me. Fear and self doubt are dissolved.

Don Sutherland, Santa Cruz Energy

Tracy’s effective communication style provides both clear direction and positive encouragement. What has made my personal experience with Tracy even more noteworthy is I have seen these characteristics from Tracy in a very challenging environment that has experienced a great deal of organizational change, uncertainty and “less than ideal” circumstances. Through all of these challenges, Tracy always remains professional, positive and motivated towards achieving the best possible results.

Rick Morris, Regional Manager, Latin America & Canada, Sprint

Tracy has been a tremendous asset to my area. I’ve worked with Tracy for 9+ years and would consider him to be an expert in his field.

Beth O’Neill, Sprint Regional Sales Manager- FedEx, Deloitte & Walmart

Tracy is one of the most heart-centered people you will ever meet.  He walks his talk, and his talk reflects not only how to bring about dynamic personal and professional changes, but he does so with deep insights and caring.  He is able to translate internal spiritual enlightenment into practical applications to everyday work, relationships and social life.

 Jonathan Parker, Ph.D., Author, Founder of JonathanParker.org

When I think of Tracy Quantum, there are many favorable words that come to mind. However, the primary descriptive for him would be excellence. In my communications with Tracy, I have found him to be extremely insightful, passionate and always present in the moment. His ability to balance these traits with his sincere desire to see others reach their optimum potential makes him a true motivating influence.

 Kenya, MBA w/HR Management Concentration

I have sustained and suffered much loss in life, both physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I struggled to grasp at understanding what I did wrong and was afraid to act again – paralyzed in my thinking that I would lose again what I have struggled to rebuild. Tracy and his words and ideas helped reshape my thoughts and imprinted new ways of looking at my thoughts and self. His words are simple but powerful – I have reflected much on his ideas and it has helped me be more at peace with who and how I am. It also helped me create new ideas and visuals that have calmed the storm in my mind and heart. Tracy, I cannot thank you enough for helping me see the best there is in me and the best that can be in me.

 Anita, Insurance Industry, California

Your support of the educational outreach planned for our transplant recipients, candidates, living donors and family members was invaluable.

 Deb Vickery, MSW, Georgia Transplant Foundation

During the past 4 years Tracy has assisted me in closing a number of complex Global Solutions and as has established himself as the International Global Converged Solution Expert. Tracy has a great quality to adapt to any environment and any personality and Tracy is one of very strong character. I am sure you will find him just as professional and dependable as I have experienced.

  Jay Patel, Senior Solutions Engineer, Sprint

Your session was very helpful to our clients. We appreciate the passion you demonstrate for your work and your diligence with making sure to meet the needs of our clients.

Deb Vickery, MSW, Georgia Transplant Foundation

All I can say is Kudos to all the hard work and the value that you bring to the team. Trust me, it is an experience to work with you and I always look forward to partnering with you on the opportunities arising out of India/ Asia-Pac.

Sumeet Sud, India, Senior Business Manager, Sprint

Over the many years, I have found Tracy to be a highly thoughtful individual who engages deeply in critical reflection. He consistently demonstrates not just a sophisticated grasp on complex social, identity, philosophical, and spiritual issues—he also possesses the audacity to explore and confront some of the most difficult human problems currently facing our society.

Reginald H. Turner, Ph.D., Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. Collegium of Scholars

Tracy’s ability to work efficiently under stressful and nerve wracking deadlines speaks volumes about his handwork, determination, and his composed demeanor. Over the 15 years he has demonstrated excellent leadership skills and team spirit while working with executives of the fortune 100/500 companies.

Jackie Stephen, Sr. Account Manager, Sprint

We appreciate your taking the time out of your schedule to help us maintain the health and wellness of Georgia’s transplant community.

Deb Vickery, MSW, Georgia Transplant Foundation

I have witnessed Tracy to handle challenging situations with a remarkable degree of maturity, patience, and compassion—more, I suspect, than I would have been able to muster had I been confronted as directly with the problems as he was. He puts aside his personal prejudices to deal with others in a logical and helpful manner. His calm demeanor coupled with his highly prescient intelligence and exemplar communications skills enable him to prevent most crises, and solve others quickly. His character, professionalism, leadership, and vision are of the highest order. Everyone who interacts with him both likes and values him. He is fun to be with, and a serious worker who never fails to get the job done.

Reginald H. Turner, Ph.D., Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. Collegium of Scholars

I have known Tracy Dyson for more than 7 years in his role as International Sales Support at Sprint.  Tracy provides a “world” of information and has been an integral part of executive presentations and winning business with some of the largest companies in the Southeast such as Turner Broadcasting, Cox Enterprises, Coca-Cola and more.  Tracy is our resident international expert and brings strong follow-up skills, the ability to work in a matrix-managed environment all while resolving complex international roadblocks and staying customer focused.

Brian Nagel, Client Executive, Sprint, Business Markets Group

Tracy is both a brilliant scholar and a first rate human being, and my confidence in his future success could not be greater.

Reginald H. Turner, Ph.D., Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. Collegium of Scholars

Tracy has quality knowledge and wisdom to impart to the world. He’s worth listening to. I’m thankful my life’s journey has allowed us to cross paths.

Kenya Sealey, MBA w/HR Management Concentration

In describing Mr. Dyson, in terms of qualities and qualifications I can sincerely say he is one of the most responsible, inspirational, disciplined, hardworking, dependable, independent, charismatic, self-starting, resourceful, personable, sensitive to the needs of others, detailed oriented person I have ever known. Tracy’s ability to work efficiently under stressful and nerve wracking deadlines speaks volumes about his handwork, determination, and his composed demeanor. Over the 15 years he has demonstrated excellent leadership skills and team spirit while working with executives of the fortune 100/500 companies.

Jackie Stephen, Sr. Account Manager, Sprint

As Global Converged Solution Manager, Tracy is insightful at quickly uncovering direct and more importantly indirect blocks to increasing the bottom line. He demonstrates a high level of business acumen with effective plans coupled with leading international Sprint teams and Fortune 500 companies of diverse cultural backgrounds toward a common goal.

Lori Carl, Account Manager, Sprint

What particularly impresses me about the level of service provided by Mr. Dyson et al is their willingness to work long hours and push for results. It appears that this is simply the team’s extraordinary commitment to excellence in customer service and support that has always motivated them to always go the extra mile. Their example even has a positive impact on the attitude and productivity of our own team!

Anthony Zeller, National Account Manager II, Sprint Enterprise Accounts

You have been really patient on handling the regulatory directives on the International front and needless to say, you never did miss out an opportunity to jump on the situation to understand the regulations on this side of the world and helped the US account teams to understand the importance and seriousness of the same.

Sumeet Sud, India, Senior Business Manager, Sprint

For the last 10+ years, it has been my pleasure and honor to work with Tracy Dyson. He is the perfect blend of a strong, valued contributor and consummate team player. His positive attitude and “can do” spirit provides the best possible motivation toward achieving whatever goals have been set.

Rick Morris, Regional Manager, Latin America & Canada, Sprint

Tracy and I have worked together for over 12 years. I have found Tracy to be very reliable, conscientious, and always follows through. He understands his customer’s needs and requirements. When Tracy and I met, he was on the engineering side of the house, but over the years, he has moved into a management role, recently gaining great knowledge to the international side of the business.

Steve Del Rocco, Strategic Opportunity Manager, Sprint

Tracy is a combination of both a knowledgeable professional and an excellent team player. As part of a larger global team, Tracy brought excellent knowledge and expertise to bear on a large MNC. Tracy’s willingness to work within the framework of the group’s strategy and directives as laid out by the customer really helped bring focus to a new revenue opportunity within the account.

Craig Holiday, Client Executive, Sprint

Tracy has worked complex opportunities, worked on understanding the pricing of these opportunities, and working to see the opportunities come to fruition. He is comfortable at executive levels within organizations, and making presentations to the executive level.

Steve Del Rocco, Strategic Opportunity Manager, Sprint