Mission and Vision

TQEvolution is a natural part of human development. Like the Universe itself, each person has the potential to expand his or her existence. Many never realize their limitless potential. Fortunately, there are others who choose to answer the call to greatness. When this happens, the individual soon realizes that a substantial change is in order. When this occurs, there is often a desire to first deconstruct then reconstruct every aspect of one’s life. These changes can be thought of as Quantum Fluctuating Moments.
Tracy Quantum Consulting offers one of the most transformative cutting edge meditation courses using vital and beautiful imagery. The guided meditations are amazing, innovative, energizing, powerful and life changing.


TRACY QUANTUM CONSULTING is a resource for corporations, small business owners, community-based organizations and individuals that are looking to provide superior customer service, increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention through meditation training courses, as well as stress management meditation. TRACY QUANTUM CONSULTING focuses on meditation, motivational speaking, and positive music and videos as meditation tools.


TRACY QUANTUM CONSULTING is a leading edge company whose purpose is to create sustainable communities by investing in human capital.
Are you interested in?

  • Becoming more efficient
  • Increasing your quality of life
  • Increasing the peace in your relationships
  • Learning to live completely in The Now
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

If you answered, “yes” to any one of theses questions-Going Green Meditation is for you!
Every thought is either creating a negative or positive condition, which is affecting the earth’s ecological system. Going Green Meditation is a method for recycling one’s old thoughts into positive ones to increase the quality of one’s life while helping the earth.  
By changing our thoughts we not only change our own environment but the entire eco-system.
In short, meditation is a vehicle for saving energy and decreasing the negative effects of stress in our lives.

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