Corporate Meditation

TQ13TQ Consulting can help you and your organization reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace. Meditation has also been found to be an effective strategy in creating closer and higher performing teams and companies as a whole. Not only will meditation practices and training help you and your employees professionally, is an all-encompassing tool for personal growth and improvement.

Here at TQ Consulting, we are experts at designing and implementing meditation plans, courses and outcomes for meditation in the workplace. We can help your team learn to use meditation effectively to reduce stress and relax as well as improve cognition, focus and performance.

These techniques are not new, nor a new-age trend. Our clients include Fortune 500s as well as small and medium sized business looking for an edge.

Our Corporate Meditation training programs:

  • Human-centered training, focusing on the individual and the organization in which they work.
  • A research and outcomes based approach to mindful meditation, using validated and time-tested techniques for improving focus, attention, team strength and productivity while reducing stress.
  • Improves leadership skills such as patience, listening and mindfulness.
  • Can be implemented in your office, company retreats or corporate training sessions.
  • Offer session follow-ups, improvement metrics and helpful material on continuing the practices.

Our classes and sessions can be tailored to groups and individuals. The program includes sessions of 30 minutes, one hour and half-day sessions (specifically designed for corporate retreats.)

“The two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.”
~Harvard Business School and INSEAD, Europe’s leading business school

You taught us how to relax and appreciate the moment, our small accomplishments as well as the great things we have accomplished. The energy that you provide during your speaking and meditation is priceless. I will highly recommend you to my other colleagues and social group.

Bea Foster, Chair, Metropolitan Employment Networking Association (MENA)

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