TQ  Hologram

The Universe As a Hologram?

For decades, science and the average person have both rightfully theorized that the universe is three-dimensional. With vast research having supported this for quite some time, there had been no reason to second-guess this theory. However, recent calculations have now shown that this original theory may not be the best way to sum up the universe. And […]

TQ  Quantum Physics

Wheeler’s Thought Experiment Explained Through Quantum Physics

Quantum theory is something many people have heard of but few understand. It’s a branch of science that has given us certain nano-technologies such as LEDs, lasers and even computer chips. Recently, however, Quantum theory has brought a couple of scientists together to explore a rather decades-old experiment known as John Wheeler’s delayed-choice “thought experiment”. […]

TQ - Nano Memory

Nano Memory Cell Discovery: Can Mimic the Brain’s Long-Term Memory

The human brain is an intricate — oftentimes misunderstood — genetic phenomenon. It’s the single-most explored human membrane which has been thought to function like a muscle, with unique traits that set it far apart from other human features. It’s been studied for centuries and, for decades now, scientists have been steadily trying to mimic […]

TQ - Human Consciousness

How Human Consciousness Could Be Science’s Next Great Frontier

One of the greatest mysteries of the human mind — and perhaps of the entire universe — is our consciousness. It has, until recently, been a subject, which has been widely avoided, by scientists and physicists alike due to their inability to prove what it really is, either scientifically or physically. Science is, after all, […]

TQ - Telepathic Communication

New Study Shows Telepathic Communication Could Soon Become Reality

Everyone has seen movies, or watched a magician perform a seemingly supernatural act, where telepathy seems to show one human reading another’s mind. But did you ever think it would become a reality? A recent study out of the University of Washington has proven that two humans can, and very much have, exchanged thoughts without […]


Mind Over Matter: How the Human Mind Controls Our Surroundings

We’ve all heard the term “mind over matter” before. But chances are, you probably never thought of it in such a literal way. As you will see here and here, the human mind is now quite capable of controlling a drone. By combining EEG technology with brain machine learning and adaptation, a number of leading […]

TQ - Artificial Intelligence

AI: Artificial Intelligence and How It’s Reshaping the World Around Us

Artificial intelligence is a subject matter many people have heard about, but not many people fully understand. In essence, it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But in a world where technology is replacing human-to-human interactions quite quickly, it’s important that you know exactly what Artificial Intelligence (AI) really […]

TQ Basic Training Meditation

A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

It’s Tuesday and you’ve just finished up a big meeting with one of your toughest clients. It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and you’ve still got piles of paperwork to sift through before you can even think about calling it a day. Before you begin your dreaded paperwork duties, you make a quick run up to […]

TQ Strategies

Strategies for Managing Anger and Depression Through Meditation

Let’s face it: Some of us have at least some trouble controlling our anger, depression, or other forms of emotional distress during frustrating or saddening times. Emotions themselves are unavoidable, so instead of doing everything we can to avoid them, we should be facing them head on. After all, how we cope with and manage […]