Development Professionals

TQ 13If you are in the business of helping, coaching or developing others, Meditation is a powerful resource in your tool kit. TQ Consultants can teach you not only the techniques of meditation for your personal benefit, but also give you the skills to become an effective meditation coach as well.

Becoming a meditation coach will allow you one more skill in guiding and teaching individuals and organizations toward reaching their potential and goals. Allowing your clients access to meditation can strongly effect their ability to open new paths and grow their personal growth.

Our programs are especially well suited to those who interact with people in stressful situations such as counseling, leadership coaching and healthcare.

TQ Consultants will provide a tailor-made program and work with you to become an effective teacher of meditation techniques and facilitator of meditation training, use and outcomes-based performance measuring.

TQ ProfessionalsIdeally suited for:

  • Personal development professionals
  • Leadership and management coaches
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Psychological and counseling professionals
  • Educators
  • Veterans Organizations
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