Mindfulness of Sounds and Sensations — Musical Bath

TQ Mindfulness SoundsThe holidays can be a stressful and hectic time, so I’d like to share a very soothing and relaxing meditation technique called “musical bath.” A warm bath and aromatherapy on their own have relaxing effects, but when you combine them with the soothing powers of meditation, you get unbelievably calming result. That’s exactly what a musical bath is. It is a combination of aromatherapy, mindfulness, and a warm bath. Oh, and music, of course. As if the other three weren’t already good enough. This certainly isn’t something you want to rush through, so make sure you do it when you have some extra time to spare — in the evening, before you go to bed, would probably be a good time.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick out the perfect music. The goal is relaxation, so keep that in mind when trying to decide, but don’t choose something you don’t like just because you think it is “relaxing.” In other words, if you don’t like slow jazz, don’t pick slow jazz music just because it is supposed to be mellow.

Next, you’ll want to pick out an aroma. You can use bubble bath, or bath oils, or even just a scented shampoo. Anything that adds aroma is an added bonus. You could even light scented candles and dim the lights for an even more relaxing setting. Once you’ve chosen your music and aroma(s), draw a warm bath and setup up your music player. When the bath is ready, cue the music and then get in the tub.

Once you’re in the tub, focus on your breathing. Allow each breath to gradually get slower and deeper. Shift your attention to the things that are happening around you. Listen to the music, but don’t think about the music or try to analyze it. As you are listening to the music, also notice the sensations you are feeling, as well as the aromas you can detect. Whenever you notice your mind start to wander, shift your attention back to something happening in the now. Try to stay in this state for at least a few songs, or roughly 15 minutes or more.



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