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TRACY QUANTUM How to Get Into Meditation

How to Get Into Meditation (Gradually)

When some people decide to start meditating, they dive right in and go full steam ahead. Maybe it’s their first day, but they’re already doing two 45-minute sessions. Some of these people will become lifelong meditators, but others will eventually drop it as quickly as they picked it up. I think that’s because meditation isn’t […]

TQ - Meditative Activities

5 Meditative Activities You Should Try

Are you someone who has many hobbies? Do you enjoying watching movies and listening to music? Are you an active person who likes to exercise and get outdoors? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you already meditate whether you know it not! Anything that demands your attention and shifts your concentration […]

TQ Meditation

Combining Nature and Meditation

Meditation is a technique we use to quiet our minds and dim the hustle and bustle of modern life; of course, nature already offers much of the serenity and tranquility we seek from meditation. When you think about it this way, it makes perfect sense to combine the two. For some people, making an active […]

TQ _ Thoughts

Don’t Try to Stop Your Thoughts

Have you ever been meditating, and suddenly wondered if you’re doing it incorrectly, because thoughts keep popping into your head? Somehow, a long time ago, it became common knowledge that the purpose of meditation is to stop thinking. This is of course just a myth, and one that probably grew gradually over time from people […]

TQ - Meditation Technique

Finding the Right Meditation Technique for You

As you may already know, there are a number of different ways in which you can approach meditation. On this website alone I’ve discussed dozens of different techniques. But how do you know which technique is right for you? If you’ve given meditation a try in the past, but found it just wasn’t for you, […]

TQ Approach to Meditation

Are You Taking the Right Approach to Meditation?

It occurred to me this morning that many people may still be taking the wrong approach to meditation; specifically, mindfulness meditation. The problem might be that they are spending too much time meditating, but not enough time simply being mindful. If you’ve read my blog before, or watched my videos, then you know meditation can […]