Technology Overload: Using Meditation to Get a Break from Technology

TQ - TechnologyOne of the topics I frequently discuss is how we often need to take a break from all of the tech that consumes our day-to-day lives, especially smart phones and tablets that constantly beep and squeak at us, reminding of us of things to do, people to call back, meetings to attend, and so on and so on… You might not realize it, or think of it this way, but every little “urgency” that pops up throughout your day — push notifications, IMs, Skype calls, emails — create stress in your life, and that stress builds up quickly over time.

Well, what if you could turn your mind into an Amazon rainforest with endless cascades of beauty, wellness, sustainability and health through the innovative nature of your mind? The possibility is now available through the creation of meditation.

Stress will eventually come and go like the hour hand of a Quantum clock. However, the essential elementary particles in managing technology stress is the ability to sustain a steady equilibrium and relaxed mind despite the ever-increasing challenges, which may arise through the advent of new technologies (i.e., technological singularity).

One other key reminder of technology I should mention is that technology is changing faster than the speed of light. That said, you do have the adaptability and consciousness to manage stress through the imaginative power of your thinking. Everything begins as a thought.

Technology Affirmations for Today:

New technology has become my calming friend.

I learn new technologies quickly and easily. Learning new technologies is becoming effortless for me every day.

I am calm and at peace with new technologies.


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