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TQ  Hologram

The Universe As a Hologram?

For decades, science and the average person have both rightfully theorized that the universe is three-dimensional. With vast research having supported this for quite some time, there had been no reason to second-guess this theory. However, recent calculations have now shown that this original theory may not be the best way to sum up the universe. And […]

TQ  Quantum Physics

Wheeler’s Thought Experiment Explained Through Quantum Physics

Quantum theory is something many people have heard of but few understand. It’s a branch of science that has given us certain nano-technologies such as LEDs, lasers and even computer chips. Recently, however, Quantum theory has brought a couple of scientists together to explore a rather decades-old experiment known as John Wheeler’s delayed-choice “thought experiment”. […]

TQ - Artificial Intelligence

AI: Artificial Intelligence and How It’s Reshaping the World Around Us

Artificial intelligence is a subject matter many people have heard about, but not many people fully understand. In essence, it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But in a world where technology is replacing human-to-human interactions quite quickly, it’s important that you know exactly what Artificial Intelligence (AI) really […]