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TQ  Hologram

The Universe As a Hologram?

For decades, science and the average person have both rightfully theorized that the universe is three-dimensional. With vast research having supported this for quite some time, there had been no reason to second-guess this theory. However, recent calculations have now shown that this original theory may not be the best way to sum up the universe. And […]

TQ  Quantum Physics

Wheeler’s Thought Experiment Explained Through Quantum Physics

Quantum theory is something many people have heard of but few understand. It’s a branch of science that has given us certain nano-technologies such as LEDs, lasers and even computer chips. Recently, however, Quantum theory has brought a couple of scientists together to explore a rather decades-old experiment known as John Wheeler’s delayed-choice “thought experiment”. […]

TQ - Artificial Intelligence

AI: Artificial Intelligence and How It’s Reshaping the World Around Us

Artificial intelligence is a subject matter many people have heard about, but not many people fully understand. In essence, it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But in a world where technology is replacing human-to-human interactions quite quickly, it’s important that you know exactly what Artificial Intelligence (AI) really […]

TQ  Meditation Neuroplasticity

Exploring the Effects of Meditation In Regards to Ultimate Fitness, Neuroplasticity, Neuromodulation & Stronger Memory Formation

Many people whom meditate do it for an array of different, yet equally important, reasons. Whether it be physical fitness, mental health, cognitive ability, anger/emotion management, or purely surface-related reasons—meditation can play an integral role in the bettering of yourself, both mentally and physically. In this article, we’re going to focus intently on how to, […]

TQ - Quantum World

How to See the Quantum World with Your Naked Eye

What exactly is the quantum world? We hear that expression all the time these days, but we’re told it’s something we cannot see because it’s so impossibly small — smaller than a single atom. On the subatomic level, amazing things can happen — things we never see happen in ordinary lives. Single particles can be […]