5 Meditative Activities You Should Try

TQ - Meditative ActivitiesAre you someone who has many hobbies? Do you enjoying watching movies and listening to music? Are you an active person who likes to exercise and get outdoors? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you already meditate whether you know it not! Anything that demands your attention and shifts your concentration from the inner dialogue in your mind to what’s happening right in front of you is a form of meditation. Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to sit and chant like a monk to meditate.

Here are 10 activities — you probably already do — you can use as a form of meditation:

1. Music

Whether you’re playing it or just jamming along in your car, listening to music is a great form of meditation that is fun and effortless. The only important thing, as with all of these activities, is that you focus completely on the music and nothing else — as best you can.

2. Walking 

Walking is a great activity for all sorts of mental gymnastics. Whether you self-reflect or literally stop and smell the rose, walking is the secret pleasure of everyone who knows how to do it correctly.

3. Sports 

Sports are an excellent way to get in the moment. Whether it’s tennis, basketball, football, soccer, or golf, when you are playing a sport and giving it your all, you are living fully in the present moment because you have to.

4. Yoga

Yoga is relaxing, healthy, and a longtime companion of meditation. Many yoga classes, books, and instructors incorporate meditation into their yoga sessions, so it really is the perfect activity to pair with it.

5. Writing 

Writing demands a great deal of concentration, but also creativity. You have to let thoughts flow into your mind freely, but then quickly determine which of those thoughts are useful, and which of them are not. If you really want to get into the moment and give you mind an excellent workout at the same time, there’s almost nothing better than writing.



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