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TQ - Meditative Activities

5 Meditative Activities You Should Try

Are you someone who has many hobbies? Do you enjoying watching movies and listening to music? Are you an active person who likes to exercise and get outdoors? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you already meditate whether you know it not! Anything that demands your attention and shifts your concentration […]

TQ - Transfusion of Light

Transfusion of Light: Guided Meditation

Imagine how easy it would be to meditate if you had your own personal instructor right there in your home guiding you every step of the way through the session? The problem is, how many people can actually get a meditation expert to come to their home whenever they’re in the mood to meditate? Obviously […]

TQ yoga

Yoga and Meditation: Benefits

Recently, I’ve talked a little bit about how meditation and yoga are not mutually exclusive, however, that’s not to say that they must be practiced in conjunction. Many people meditate in a variety of different ways without ever doing anything even remotely close to yoga. Likewise, the world is full of yoga enthusiasts who are […]


Perfecting Your Meditation Posture

When people hear the word, “meditation,” they immediately begin to conjure up images in their mind of people sitting in lotus pose — the quintessential yoga pose, whereby you sit on the floor with your legs crossed over one another and your back up straight, stiff as a board. If you’ve ever tried sitting in […]