Can Meditation Make You Look Younger?

Tracy Quantum - MeditationIs meditation the fountain of youth people have been searching for throughout all of history? One man happens to think that it is, and he has the research to back it. Vanity has always been big business, and that hasn’t changed a bit in recent years. Every year, millions of Americans spend their hard earned money on wrinkle creams, face cleansers, and anything else they think will reverse the clock. What many of these patrons don’t realize is that these products aren’t even scientifically tested or proven to work.

We’ve known for a long time that stress is linked to aging. You don’t even have to read a scientific journal to know that.  Another thing we’ve known for a long time is that meditation reduces stress — are you starting to see the connection here? Charlie Knoles, a Vedic meditation instructor, figures that if stress causes aging, then something that reduces stress should also slow down, or even reverse, aging. He’s not just making a wild guess, though; he’s had this suspicion confirmed by scientific research.

Several studies conducted around the globe have all found a direct link between meditation and looking younger. The studies were able to make these connections by taking measurements on people who meditate and people who don’t, such as testing for skin elasticity, blood pressure, hearing, and vision. Some studies have also looked at the subjects’ DNA and found that those who meditate actually have DNA that can repair itself — essentially reversing aging. This means that not only does meditation make you look younger; it literally makes you younger from a biological standpoint.



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