Meditation to Control Emotions and Feelings

Would you like to have better control of your emotions? Need to keep anger, depression, fear, anxiety or grief in check? Meditation is an effective way to maintain emotional stability and to better control your feelings.

It has been said that the average human being has more than 60,000 different thoughts each day. The human mind can be divided into two basic parts: the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind represents only 12 percent of the mind’s capacity, while the subconscious has the remaining 88 percent. The subconscious controls the body’s functions, but it also stores and filters memories, habits, beliefs, feelings. It is deeply rooted in emotional reactions and responses in daily life.

Using meditation to control emotions begins with a practice of mindfulness meditation; where the practitioner learns how to recognize his/her present emotions without reacting, observe their effect on the body, and how to let them go. Acknowledging and labeling the emotions turns down the amygdala alarm center response in the brain, which triggers negative feelings. Much like how we feel better after sharing our negative feelings with someone. So says UCLA researcher Matthew Lieberman, who has conducted a series of studies on the emotional benefits of meditation. His meditation studies have found that the simple process of labeling emotions can prevent the response of negative feelings.

A 2012 University of California at San Francisco study found that schoolteachers who practiced meditation were more calm, compassionate, had improved emotional well being and were better able to regulate their emotions. Lead study author, Margaret Kemeny said, “The findings suggest that increased awareness of mental processes can influence emotional behavior.” Additionally, the teachers reported having improved interactions with their spouses or significant others.

Finding a happy medium is essential to maintaining an emotional homeostasis. As society becomes increasingly faced-paced and technology-centered, the opportunity for reflection and contemplation decreases. Meditation allows better mental habits and emotional clarity, plus you get to know yourself. By using meditation for emotional control, you can help program the subconscious for greater mindfulness and imprint new and positive patterns. Research has shown the practice of using meditation to control emotions will allow you to develop valuable skills in dealing with future problems and emotional overhauls and enable you to handle them more effectively.


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