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TQ - Muscle Strength

How To Integrate Muscle Strength and Exercise Through the Practice of Mindfulness Meditation

To be mindful means to be aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, bodily sensations, and even our surrounding environments. Mindfulness plays an essential role in the practice of meditation. It involves not only the acknowledgment of, but also the acceptance of, our feelings without passing judgment. Perhaps the best way to describe this is, to […]

TQ _ Thoughts

Don’t Try to Stop Your Thoughts

Have you ever been meditating, and suddenly wondered if you’re doing it incorrectly, because thoughts keep popping into your head? Somehow, a long time ago, it became common knowledge that the purpose of meditation is to stop thinking. This is of course just a myth, and one that probably grew gradually over time from people […]

TQ meditation kitchen

Mindfulness Meditation in the Kitchen

Are you someone who enjoys cooking, or do you mostly view it as a chore? If you’re someone who likes to cook, then you’re probably already practicing mindfulness when you cook, even if you don’t realize it. However, if you’re someone who thinks of it as a chore, I’m going to share with you how […]

TQ our environment

How Our Environment Affects the Way We Think

In the western world, we often times have a different view of reality: We tend to think that we are in control of every situation, and that we are the master of our environment; when in fact, we are shaped by our environment, and the way our environment shapes us is what controls how we […]


Can Mindfulness Meditation Make You Smarter?

If you have been following my blog, then you’re certainly no stranger to mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation essentially is the act of observing random thoughts that pop into your brain, and then pushing them out to refocus on the present moment. Mindfulness meditation works wonders for a slew of problems, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and even […]