How To Integrate Muscle Strength and Exercise Through the Practice of Mindfulness Meditation

TQ - Muscle StrengthTo be mindful means to be aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, bodily sensations, and even our surrounding environments. Mindfulness plays an essential role in the practice of meditation. It involves not only the acknowledgment of, but also the acceptance of, our feelings without passing judgment. Perhaps the best way to describe this is, to not assume there’s a “right” or “wrong” way to feel — only that you feel something.

In the practice of meditation, the integration of muscle strength and exercise can further enhance your efforts and results. From having more energy, to becoming more clear-minded, the integration of such practices can bring you to another, previously inexperienced level of meditation. As a result, you’ll notice that your workouts are more meaningful and profound, and when applying muscle strength and exercise through the practice of mindfulness meditation, your results will be more noticeable.

But how can one achieve this in a way that provides unparalleled results, in not only the body, but also the mind and spirit? Before diving too heavily in to how exactly one can achieve this, it’s important to understand that integrating muscle strength and exercise through mindfulness meditation isn’t the same type of workouts that you’d see some “hunkish” guys doing at your local gym. It’s much different than that as it utilizes breathing techniques, visualization techniques, energy-work and focused intention along with strength training and exercise techniques. Many people, especially women, believe that strength training, even when integrated with mindfulness meditation, will result in “bulking up”, and therefore, avoid it at all costs. But in this case, that’s just not true. Of course, the desired results are dependent upon the individual, and must be weighed accordingly.

As a combined entity, practicing Mindful Strength Training is designed to activate the flow and harness the power of human consciousness. This, in turn, sets this method apart from other strength training practices. In essence, we should think of it like this: Practicing mindfulness meditation techniques will further enhance your ability to achieve your workout goals — whatever those might be.

To become more successful at strength training and exercise in general, cultivate the following practices of mindfulness meditation in to your workouts:

1) During intense feelings of emotion, take notice to your breathing patterns. Becoming aware of your breathing patterns can
make you more aware of other aspects of your workout.

2) Begin to take notice as to what you’re sensing — everything from smells, sounds, lights and environmental aspects need to
be realized and accepted.

3) Recognize that your thoughts and emotions are not what control you. If you do, you can free yourself from negative
thought patterns and focus more heavily on your workouts and exercise routines.

4) Tune in to your body’s physical sensations. This includes sweat dripping down your face, muscles becoming strained, heart
rate increasing, and more.

As you can see, mindfulness meditation means you must become more aware of things you may not have noticed otherwise. However, contrary to what some people may believe, integrating mindfulness meditation in to your strength training and exercise routines can be not only beneficial, but revolutionary, in relation to your workouts. Results will be more defined, and your mind will be clearer. It’s a practice that, when combined with strength training and exercise, will reveal a more relaxed and aware approach to an otherwise intimidating task.

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