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National Health Services Acknowledges Mindfulness Meditation as a Treatment for Depression

One of the topics we’ve discussed many times on this blog is how mindfulness meditation can help with depression. It’s not uncommon for people to be skeptical of this claim. Drugs, along with cognitive therapy, have been the standard methods for treating depression going back as far as the 1960’s, and when a person seeks […]

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Using Meditation to Soften the Pain of Polytrauma

Polytrauma, as the name suggests, is when an individual sustains multiple traumatic injuries, including: hearing loss, loss of limbs, blindness, broken bones, burns… Polytrauma is common among soldiers and those serving our country in the armed forces. It is often the result of injuries from an improvised explosive device or a rocket-propelled grenade. The pain that comes […]

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Resiliency Training (Part 2): The Resilient Mind vs. the Fragile Mind

Last week we talked about compassion fatigue – secondary traumatic stress disorder – and touched briefly on how it plays into mental resiliency. This week we are going to talk all about resilience, and the difference between people with resilient minds – those who bounce back from emotional adversity quickly – and people with fragile […]

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation is a powerful and practical tool for living your life in more purposeful and healthy ways. It is also easy to get started and doesn’t require any special equipment other than your mind and a little patience. To start with, make sure you’re not going to be disturbed while meditating. You don’t need to […]

How Meditation Can Help Your Relationship

Relationships aren’t easy. In fact, most of them are down right hard. Our romantic relationships are often the central narratives of our lives, more important and long lasting than our careers, our hobbies and even parenthood (the kids are going to leave the house sometime, right?) Maintaining these life long bonds can often be tough […]

Meditation Lengthens Life Expectancy

The quest for eternal life and the fountain of youth is an age old myth, but imagine enjoying your life — family, friends, food, the outdoors — longer. Not living forever, but doing something that could actually help you live longer and happier? Good news, you can. Mindfulness meditation can lengthen your life expectancy, according […]