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TQ Hire More Veterans

Truth Be Told: Big Corporations Need to Hire More Veterans

Let’s be honest: Veterans have a lot to worry about upon returning home. From the haphazard medical care provided to them through the VA, to an increased chance of becoming homeless — not to mention all the psychological effects experienced post-war — it’s no wonder why so many veterans have a hard time transitioning back […]

TQ - Treat Traumatic Brain Injuries

How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Treat Traumatic Brain Injuries (for Veterans)

It goes without saying that, veterans are a different breed of people. They’ve withstood some of the worst hardships an individual can possibly face. They’ve seen more of the world than most of us ever will; and they’ve experienced some of life’s greatest treasures – but also, some of the worst. Death, destruction and injury […]

TQ - Meditation on Capitol Hill

Congressman Pushes for Meditation on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON — Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) is calling for something I think we all could agree our congress desperately needs: a little mindfulness and compassion. Ryan believes mindfulness meditation can help his colleagues stay grounded in the midst of all the chaos that envelops Capitol Hill on a day-to-day basis. The congressman first began exploring his […]

TQ People Meditation

Did You Know These People Meditate?

Let’s face it, there’s a certain kind of stereotype we all think of when we think of people who are into meditation: a modern-day hippie who shops at farmers’ markets, wears second-hand clothing made from recycled burlap, and spends their free time rescuing baby seals and listening to esoteric eastern music. Of course, this person […]

TQ _memory

Meditation for the Forgotten Ones

As we celebrate the New Year with much fanfare, we often forget about the ones whom we’ve left behind including our fallen warriors (soldiers). While many Americans continue with their daily lives as though nothing has ever happened, a fallen warrior’s family and friends lives will be irreparably changed forever. More importantly, when a loss […]

TQ- memory

Dealing with PTSD Triggers

If you’ve been following this blog, you probably know a good deal about PTSD — post-traumatic stress disorder — by now. In case you do not, PTSD is a type of psychological disorder that is brought on by a traumatic experience. As you might imagine, veterans are among the most common to suffer from PTSD […]