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Brain Development

Long-Term Meditation and the Brain

Beginning a meditation practice can yield an array of benefits including lower stress, better sleep and a more relaxed disposition in life. These results can be seen in a matter of weeks, but why stop there? Research is showing enhanced brain development, altered brain wave patterns and increased attentiveness over time in life-long meditators. (more…)


Benefits of Meditation for Athletes

Athletes train in many ways. Aside from normal workout regimens, some athletes might take up yoga or dance while others practice meditation. There are many benefits of meditation for athletes. Sports meditation improves performance, concentration, endurance and reduces tension. It also aids athletes in quicker recovery from injuries and maintaining a healthy immune system. (more…)


Meditation Benefits on the Immune System

Staying well means being well, and being well takes a lot of key ingredients including diet, exercise, low stress and positive mental health. It’s not always easy to balance these, as stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, making it harder to maintain a sense of wellness.  Stress lowers the immune system’s ability to function, […]