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TQ-Athletes meditation

Athletes Using Meditation for Enhanced Performance

Every athlete understands the importance of exercising his or her body, but exercising the mind is equally as important. Meditation is exactly that – meditation is exercise for your mind. Meditation strengthens your mind and makes it more flexible; it enables you to think more clearly and decisively; and see others and yourself more objectively. […]

Athletes Suffering from TBI: Meditation Can Help

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC – it is estimated that 1.7 million Americans suffer from a traumatic brain injury – TBI – every year. It’s not difficult to imagine that a large percentage of these individuals are athletes. Athletes put themselves at risk for a serious injury all the […]


Sports Meditation in Action

There’s a different type of practice going on, and it’s not on the field. Nationwide, top-tiered athletes and sports teams are engaging in meditation as part of training. Once most of them start, they can’t stop. From the courts to the golf course, top-paid professionals have found a key ingredient to step up their game. […]


Benefits of Meditation for Athletes

Athletes train in many ways. Aside from normal workout regimens, some athletes might take up yoga or dance while others practice meditation. There are many benefits of meditation for athletes. Sports meditation improves performance, concentration, endurance and reduces tension. It also aids athletes in quicker recovery from injuries and maintaining a healthy immune system. (more…)