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Can Meditation Improve Your Emotions?

Thanks to lots of research that has been done over the past few decades, it’s now a widely known fact that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety. For this reason, it’s safe to assume that meditation is probably good for regulating emotions. That being said, though, there is scientific evidence to suggest that meditation has […]

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Meditation Reduces Stress and Depression in Breast Cancer Patients, New Study Finds

Meditation, which is the practice of training one’s mind, has been gaining a lot of steam lately thanks to an abundance of new scientific research showing the practice has real benefits. As you probably already know, meditation is a helpful tool for relieving stress, so it should come as no surprise that meditation can benefit […]


Meditation for Blood Pressure and Heart Health

Meditation has often been thought of as a practice for monks, or even hippies, but chances are, it can benefit you, too. Many Americans suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease. With rising healthcare costs and limited options for effective and inexpensive treatments, meditation to improve blood pressure and the heart is proving an […]


Meditation Benefits on the Immune System

Staying well means being well, and being well takes a lot of key ingredients including diet, exercise, low stress and positive mental health. It’s not always easy to balance these, as stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, making it harder to maintain a sense of wellness.  Stress lowers the immune system’s ability to function, […]