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Meditation Lengthens Life Expectancy

The quest for eternal life and the fountain of youth is an age old myth, but imagine enjoying your life — family, friends, food, the outdoors — longer. Not living forever, but doing something that could actually help you live longer and happier? Good news, you can. Mindfulness meditation can lengthen your life expectancy, according […]


Meditation in the Workplace

Believe it or not, a growing number of employers have introduced and offered meditation at the office to lower stress and aid the wellbeing of their employees. The bottom line is to promote health through meditation, and alleviate the adverse effects of stress and its associated rising health care costs. (more…)

Power of the Mind- New Video

How powerful is your mind?  Is it possible to create happiness, loving relationships, abundance, and self esteem through the mind? Can your mind unlock hidden potentials of  job success?  How can negative thoughts vs. positive thoughts affect your environment? Is sustainability possible through the mind? Through this ground breaking video, you’ll discover simple steps to […]