Mind Over Matter: How the Human Mind Controls Our Surroundings

TRACY QUANTUM MINDWe’ve all heard the term “mind over matter” before. But chances are, you probably never thought of it in such a literal way. As you will see here and here, the human mind is now quite capable of controlling a drone. By combining EEG technology with brain machine learning and adaptation, a number of leading technology firms are showing us that innovations in transportation may be the next great frontier. These experiments alone are clearly showing us that soon, even those with disabilities and brain abnormalities might soon be able to drive cars, just as their fully functioning counterparts are able to do.

Such innovations, however, aren’t just being considered as a way to allow the disabled to drive a car. In the case of the mind-controlled drone, they’re also being thought up as ways to protect citizens, decrease casualties in warfare, and enable men and women to work from a more controlled location. For the last half-century, the focus on technological innovation has been what’s driven us to push forward. Time and again, recent discoveries have shown us that whatever the mind can think up, we can achieve: Nothing is too far out of reach. Which is meant to be reassuring.

This one, simple ideal — that the mind can overcome matter — is what drives us as human beings. We know, through trial and generations of experimentation, that if we put our minds to something, we can overcome any situation; innovate anything. Some of the world’s most amazing inventions have been achieved by dreaming first, then making it happen by believing in what we’re set out to do. So, whether we’re speaking literally — such as in the example of the drone being controlled by the human mind — or figuratively — as in, we can control our circumstances by controlling our thoughts — the age-old adage has no shortage of reinforcement. It goes without saying, then, that if we believe in something well enough, it can certainly become a possibility.

Even 10 years ago most people would’ve been hard-pressed to accept that self-driving cars, interplanetary trips to populate other planets, and reusable rocket ships, we’re actually things we humans would have the capacity to create. Think up, sure, but bring to reality, that’s another story. Of course, when we read articles such as the ones mentioned above, the stuff of science fiction soon reveals itself as very real possibilities. Well, not only a possibility, but an actuality even more. The articles are powerful testimonies as to what we can achieve as humans. Collectively, we can overcome the greatest obstacles. Singularly, we can offer our inner thoughts and aspirations to those around us, combining such to reach the highest stars. The best minds are only as good as their very thoughts. Without the mind, we are powerless; without our will we are motionless. We can find comfort in knowing that nothing has ever been achieved by standing still, but rather, by continuing forward despite what stands in our way. If motivation is the key to success, then surely the mind has precedent over the physical world.

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