New Study Shows Telepathic Communication Could Soon Become Reality

TQ - Telepathic CommunicationEveryone has seen movies, or watched a magician perform a seemingly supernatural act, where telepathy seems to show one human reading another’s mind. But did you ever think it would become a reality?

A recent study out of the University of Washington has proven that two humans can, and very much have, exchanged thoughts without ever having to open their mouths. With the help of advanced technology — as outlined here — two humans have successfully carried on a conversation without so much as having to move their lips. While some people may find this intriguing, others may be wary of such capabilities. Either way, the recent steps forward in telepathic, technological communication show us that soon; we may not be such a wordy civilization.

While language has been what’s divided us as of the last few centuries, apparently, as the recent findings suggest, no longer will the difference in how we communicate be a barrier between people and their counterparts. Fundamentally speaking, if we think it, we may soon be able to share it with others without ever having to waste a breath.

Although not completely “telepathic” at its’ core — after all, some sort of instruments are needed to connect the two brains together — such findings do pose a solution to an age-old problem: How can one person communicate to another without having to learn each other’s respective, native languages. Since the days of old, language has kept certain innovations from becoming global. Adoptions of technologies, inventions and human platforms have been one-sided for the most part, due to a lack of understanding between separate parties. Where demonstration once reigned, telepathy may soon reside.

In addition to communication between two or more people, such technology as outlined in these recent studies may also allow machines to transfer information in to the brain of a human — a technological phenomenon dubbed “brain tutoring”. Although hard to differentiate between “regular” tutoring, the term “brain tutoring” quite literally means the transfer of information from one operating system to another. In this case, it is either from a machine to a brain, or from one brain to another. Breaking this barrier may be what we need to bridge the gap between civilizations, as well as between machine and human.


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