Meditation is Changing Schools

TQ _ schoolsPublic education is a subject, which presents many challenges in today’s ever-changing environment. In San Francisco, however, real solutions are being implemented.

One of those real solutions happens to be meditation, and it’s working incredibly well. You would think something as progressive as implementing mandatory meditation sessions at school would first be tried out at one of the better schools in the area — you know, the school where half the students are on the honor roll, and children break down in tears at the sight of a B.

Contrary to this expectation, “Quiet Time,” which is what they’re calling the meditation, is being tried out at some of San Fran’s worst schools where simply getting the children to attend takes precedence over the grade they got on their last quiz. You would think that in schools labeled as “rough” and “tough” the children would mock something like “Quiet Time” and promptly opt out — no doubt to do something more exciting, like cutting class or sneaking off to play games on their phones. This is not the case, though.

So far, students love “Quiet Time” and it’s showing in their grades and attendance. One school, for example, saw a 45 percent decrease in the number of suspensions they hand out since they’ve began daily meditation sessions. When students from schools that use meditation recently took the California Achievement Test, twice as many of those students had become proficient in English, compared to their counterparts at other schools that do not have “Quiet Time.”

With results like these, it will come as no surprise when more and more schools across the nation integrate regular meditation into their curriculum.



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