TQ  Meditation Neuroplasticity

Exploring the Effects of Meditation In Regards to Ultimate Fitness, Neuroplasticity, Neuromodulation & Stronger Memory Formation

Many people whom meditate do it for an array of different, yet equally important, reasons. Whether it be physical fitness, mental health, cognitive ability, anger/emotion management, or purely surface-related reasons—meditation can play an integral role in the bettering of yourself, both mentally and physically. In this article, we’re going to focus intently on how to, […]

TQ - Meditation in Business

Applying the Warrior Method of Meditation in Business

When you hear the word “meditation”, what type of person do you typically envision? Do you see a pony-tailed hippie sitting with their legs crossed and fingers in the “OKAY” formation? Or maybe you picture a Buddhist monk contemplating upon the highest point of a mountain? You may even think of startup-rich yuppies meditating on […]

TQ Muscle & Increasing Endurance

Building Muscle and Increasing Endurance Through Meditation

Meditation is something that many people know about, but don’t fully understand. While a vast majority of people understands that meditation is a means of reaching spiritual tranquility and heightening mental awareness, what most people don’t realize is that, meditation can also be a great way to build muscle and increase physical endurance. So much […]

TQ Hire More Veterans

Truth Be Told: Big Corporations Need to Hire More Veterans

Let’s be honest: Veterans have a lot to worry about upon returning home. From the haphazard medical care provided to them through the VA, to an increased chance of becoming homeless — not to mention all the psychological effects experienced post-war — it’s no wonder why so many veterans have a hard time transitioning back […]

TQ - Machismo

Machismo: A Masculine Guide to Meditation

Since the ancient times, meditation has proven to be a great way for people to ponder deeply, focus intently, clear their minds, and induce relaxation. Oftentimes, meditation is practiced by an individual in an effort to expand spiritually, physically, consciously, and emotionally. It is impartial to gender and age, and may be one of the […]


Using Meditation To Manage Change

Change is the only constant in our universe yet it can cause various forms of stress within our lives.  Learning how to ride the positive and negative waves of change that flow into our lives is paramount to us being able to find happiness in any moment.  Meditation is a valuable tool that can help […]

TRACY QUANTUM - Meditation and Career

Can Meditation Help Your Career?

I spend a lot of time talking about the many ways meditation can benefit you, but one I forget to mention enough is how meditation can help your career. Everyone is trying to climb the ladder towards success, and most people with a lot of ambition are going about it the usual way: they show […]

TRACY QUANTUM How to Get Into Meditation

How to Get Into Meditation (Gradually)

When some people decide to start meditating, they dive right in and go full steam ahead. Maybe it’s their first day, but they’re already doing two 45-minute sessions. Some of these people will become lifelong meditators, but others will eventually drop it as quickly as they picked it up. I think that’s because meditation isn’t […]