Building Muscle and Increasing Endurance Through Meditation

TQ Muscle & Increasing EnduranceMeditation is something that many people know about, but don’t fully understand. While a vast majority of people understands that meditation is a means of reaching spiritual tranquility and heightening mental awareness, what most people don’t realize is that, meditation can also be a great way to build muscle and increase physical endurance.

So much anymore, men and women alike both want, and deserve, to achieve their ideal body image. The great news is, along with a proper diet, there are a number of different ways someone can achieve their ideal body image. While many people believe that weight training and daily visits to the gym might be the best and quickest way to achieve a chiseled body (for men) and hourglass figure (for women), the reality is, that isn’t necessarily true. Believe it or not, meditation can be another great way to help define muscles, increase body strength, and heighten stamina and endurance. Through the practice of meditation, and with a little dedication, anyone can become the person they desire to be.

So how exactly can one take this knowledge and apply it to their regime so that they, too, can reach their goals?

While most people understand the basics of meditation, what they may not understand, is that meditation is a great way to gain manipulative control over their genes. Manipulative control can help you focus so intently on your body, and the goals you want to achieve, that virtually anything can be accomplished. For instance, Monks have been known throughout history to heal surface wounds in seconds through such practices. Which means that this understanding alone, perhaps, can help one achieve whatever it is they’d like to achieve.

In regards to physical strength, visual imagery, which is a meditational technique commonly used in athletic conditioning, has been shown to improve an athlete’s abilities both on the field and off. But how does something like this work exactly?

Visual imagery exercises heighten one’s mind in an effort to attain a state of ultimate relaxation. In doing so, one can essentially imagine themselves lifting a much heavier weight than they would normally have lifted; or running faster and for a longer period of time than they would have otherwise attempted previously. As a result, meditation alone can help heighten your workouts and broaden your abilities. In the case of athletic strength training, you can see how something like this would go a long way. But the benefits don’t pertain solely to athletes. They can be practiced by anyone, in any state of mind, and in doing so, can help build muscle, endurance, stamina, and mind-strength.

While there are no “one-size-fits-all” techniques for meditating to gain strength and endurance, the practice itself can lend a helping hand to your daily workout routine, and help take you to a place you may not have gone before. If you’ve noticed that your regime isn’t landing you where you want to be, in terms of body image and physical endurance, than meditation may be a great way to give you the extra bump up you need. History has proven that meditation, in regards to mental and spiritual awareness, is not only effective, but also extremely beneficial. Increasing muscle strength and awareness are sometimes just an after-effect of what happens when you combine the practices of meditation with other forms of strength training. Sometimes, though, all you’ll need is meditation.

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