Success is only obtained through my consciousness.

I AM eco friendly in everything I do. I radiate success through Meditation.

Whatever I think creates my reality.

I love Planet earth and the planet blesses me with abundance

I am Greater than I think I am.

I am so beautiful.

I radiate love to the eco system.

Everything I see is perfect, in its full glory and expanding in my Universe.

I am worthy of the best. Success is my divine heritage and lineage. I come from a heritage of royalty and majesty. I accept only royalty in my life. Therefore, I treat the earth with the deepest compassion and love.

Nothing exists outside of me.

I AM worthy of as much success as the Universe is willing to bestow upon me.

I AM successful.

Success radiates through every cell of my being.

I am as bright as the Sun.

Every word I speak creates abundance.

My words bless the entire planet.

I speak beautiful words creating beautiful experiences in my Universe.

I bask in the complete joy of the Universe.

I AM the brilliant Sun in my Universe

The joy I emanate expands and explodes into a billion little Suns.

I am the full manifestation of abundant success.

I am worthy of everything good.

The Universe values me.

The Universe loves me.

I love the planet.

My success shines as bright as the Sun.


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