Enlightenment feels as if you’ve suddenly woken up from a deep sleep. Upon awakening, one feels more alive than ever before. Every breath you take brings you closer to the Divine. You feel as if the Sun has broken open and given birth to several billion little suns within your soul.

Enlightenment is seeing yourself in every person, place or thing.

Enlightenment is being completely connected to your environment.

Enlightenment is knowing that you are included in every part of the universe.

Enlightenment is having reverence, respect and love for all aspects of life.

Enlightenment is having deep compassion for those that suffer, while remaining lovingly detached from the illusions of lack and limitation.

Enlightenment is choosing to send love to those that suffer.

Enlightenment is giving up the need to live in your head. Eventually, one has to surpass the mind and venture into unfamiliar territory. This is frightening for some. However, once we enter this territory, an ocean of Grace and Love washes over our soul. Words cannot describe this experience. Words become useless when we are engulfed in the feeling of Divine love.

This Grace is beyond anything conceivable to you or me. The Grace is so profound it cannot be put into words. This all-encompassing Grace cannot be measured on a scientific scale. One must go into deep meditation to experience that of which I speak.

Meditation is so wonderful. All one has to do to do is silence the mind, surrender and be still to experience its unyielding bliss.