Advanced Corporate Meditation

Did you know that every word we say has a frequency and vibration? We don’t often think of words as having a vibration but they do. That’s why it’s so important to speak positively about your life and dreams. The more positive you speak and think, the more positivity you create in your life. Life is created based on everything you think and feel.

Let’s look at the words “Constructive Criticism”. These words are often used in the workplace. However, those words vibrate at extremely dense frequencies. Therefore, you get less cooperation from the person you are talking to. If you use the word “Enhancement” you will usually get a better response. The word enhancement VIBRATES at a HIGHER FREQUENCY.

Every Thought is producing your reality. Every Thought VIBRATES at a certain frequency.

Choose your words and thoughts carefully.

A student of meditation, Quantum Mechanics and Metaphysics for over 15 years, Tracy has won numerous awards in the corporate sector, where he worked for many years.