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Don’t Try to Stop Your Thoughts

Have you ever been meditating, and suddenly wondered if you’re doing it incorrectly, because thoughts keep popping into your head? Somehow, a long time ago, it became common knowledge that the purpose of meditation is to stop thinking. This is of course just a myth, and one that probably grew gradually over time from people […]

TQ Approach to Meditation

Are You Taking the Right Approach to Meditation?

It occurred to me this morning that many people may still be taking the wrong approach to meditation; specifically, mindfulness meditation. The problem might be that they are spending too much time meditating, but not enough time simply being mindful. If you’ve read my blog before, or watched my videos, then you know meditation can […]


Meditation in Higher Education

The education system has rapidly changed over the past few decades. Students entering colleges must excel and compete for dwindling scholarships amongst their newfound freedoms and struggles with individual identities. From the classrooms to their home lives, many students find themselves under immense pressure, stress and an increasing number battle attention deficit disorder and depression. […]