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Meditation for the Forgotten Ones

As we celebrate the New Year with much fanfare, we often forget about the ones whom we’ve left behind including our fallen warriors (soldiers). While many Americans continue with their daily lives as though nothing has ever happened, a fallen warrior’s family and friends lives will be irreparably changed forever. More importantly, when a loss […]

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Why Are Some People More Resilient Than Others?

Resilience is a person’s ability to “bounce back” from adversities and setbacks — you could call it an individual’s mental, or psychological, fortitude. We all experience stress, trauma, depression, loss, failure, etc… at some point or another. These are considered setbacks because they typically get in the way of our goals to some degree, but […]

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Yoga and Meditation: Benefits

Recently, I’ve talked a little bit about how meditation and yoga are not mutually exclusive, however, that’s not to say that they must be practiced in conjunction. Many people meditate in a variety of different ways without ever doing anything even remotely close to yoga. Likewise, the world is full of yoga enthusiasts who are […]


Perfecting Your Meditation Posture

When people hear the word, “meditation,” they immediately begin to conjure up images in their mind of people sitting in lotus pose — the quintessential yoga pose, whereby you sit on the floor with your legs crossed over one another and your back up straight, stiff as a board. If you’ve ever tried sitting in […]