Meditation for Difficult Times

Your to do list seems a mile long. Everything seems to be falling apart and you’re needed in five different places. Maybe you lost someone, the ends aren’t meeting, or the pressure and stress of work and family are too much. You need an outlet. Possibly exercise or yoga. Maybe a drink. Others might fall into unsafe choices like self-medication. But, what can you do? At home, and free? Meditation.

Meditation for difficult times only can bring positive effects. Sure, sitting still in your home or a park might seem silly at first, but give it a try. Do a little research, find guided meditations online and allow yourself to step outside of your stress and difficulty. Regain your sanity and mental strength in increments as small as 20 minutes a day.

At first, you might be restless or uncomfortable, but allow your thoughts to come and flow through you, and don’t resist them. Some parts of learning yourself, or facing certain problems, might be difficult at first. But soon you will learn to acknowledge and make friends with the painful parts of your life and experiences. Facing these problems and thoughts will allow you to relax, and once you relax, your body becomes less tense and you’re calm mentally, physically and emotionally. Plus, you will have more patience in bearing testy situations and obstacles.

If you begin meditating regularly during difficult times, your outlook and attitude on your life and problems will become more clear, with pathways to solutions more easily seen, and you will be equipped with the courage and strength to tackle them, and have less fear in facing them. You will be able to look at the troublesome aspects of your life more objectively. Once over a few hurdles, you might tackle them all and surprise yourself by becoming the most Zen person you know.

Once you allow yourself to go forth to nurture and heal the root of your difficulties, you slowly will begin to discover and accept yourself for who YOU are. That direct relationship with your innermost self will breed compassion not only for you, but for others in your life, enabling you surmount the issues before you. Eventually, you will shed the difficult times and learn to be living and pay attention to the moment, embracing all the changes and whirls as they come.



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