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Meditation in Higher Education

The education system has rapidly changed over the past few decades. Students entering colleges must excel and compete for dwindling scholarships amongst their newfound freedoms and struggles with individual identities. From the classrooms to their home lives, many students find themselves under immense pressure, stress and an increasing number battle attention deficit disorder and depression. […]

New Video- Meditation & Peace

Check out this new video on meditation and sustainability. Find interesting topics on: meditation, peaceful mind, organ donors, transplant candidates, recipients, living donors, sustainability, Go Green, and empowerment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGLj1sirLbs (more…)

Power of the Mind- New Video

How powerful is your mind?  Is it possible to create happiness, loving relationships, abundance, and self esteem through the mind? Can your mind unlock hidden potentials of  job success?  How can negative thoughts vs. positive thoughts affect your environment? Is sustainability possible through the mind? Through this ground breaking video, you’ll discover simple steps to […]

What is Love? Watch Video

What is Love? How do you embrace love in today’s business environment? Is a loving relationship realistic? Is it possible to avoid separation through love? How can you determine whether you’re dating the right person? How can you give more love to yourself?  Can businesses increase market shares while investing in human capital? The answers […]

How To Measure Success-Video

If you are concern about  job worries, health, stress, depression and home, this video will help indentify your core strengths. The video demonstrates the POWER of your MIND! It offers quick suggestions on how to think POSITIVE thoughts to create SUCCESS in business and life. It can drastically increase positive results in corporate business, family, relationship and health. (more…)