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TQ - neuroscience

The Neuroscience of Meditation

Research on the effects of meditation is still in its earliest stages, but so far the results have been astounding. fMRI machines, the latest and greatest technology in the world of brain scanning, lets scientists view the brain as it’s working in real time. What this means is that if a researcher wants to see […]

TQ - polytrauma meditation

Using Meditation to Soften the Pain of Polytrauma

Polytrauma, as the name suggests, is when an individual sustains multiple traumatic injuries, including: hearing loss, loss of limbs, blindness, broken bones, burns… Polytrauma is common among soldiers and those serving our country in the armed forces. It is often the result of injuries from an improvised explosive device or a rocket-propelled grenade. The pain that comes […]

TQ-military PTSD

Veterans Dealing with PTSD: Meditation Can Help

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very serious mental illness, and depression is one of the major symptoms, along with stress and anxiety. PTSD typically affects people who have gone through a physically and/or emotionally traumatic experience, especially soldiers. As surprising as it may seem, more soldiers die from suicide than combat these days. Depression […]