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Meditation in Higher Education

The education system has rapidly changed over the past few decades. Students entering colleges must excel and compete for dwindling scholarships amongst their newfound freedoms and struggles with individual identities. From the classrooms to their home lives, many students find themselves under immense pressure, stress and an increasing number battle attention deficit disorder and depression. […]

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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for centuries. Before studies, research and clinical tests, early practitioners knew the benefits. They felt them, they lived them and carried the practice of mindfulness into the future. Nowadays, meditation is very common, although, many people still have not tried it. Learning the benefits of meditation can be overwhelming. Read further […]



  Enlightenment feels as if you’ve suddenly woken up from a deep sleep. Upon awakening, one feels more alive than ever before. Every breath you take brings you closer to the Divine. You feel as if the Sun has broken open and given birth to several billion little suns within your soul. (more…)