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Using Meditation in your business

Life takes on new meaning when we learn to surrender. Often times, the thought of surrendering to something/someone is scary. Surrender doesn’t mean that you allow outside forces to control you. It means that you stop trying to control the uncontrollable. Surrender means no longer worrying about outcomes because you know everything is being handled […]



  Enlightenment feels as if you’ve suddenly woken up from a deep sleep. Upon awakening, one feels more alive than ever before. Every breath you take brings you closer to the Divine. You feel as if the Sun has broken open and given birth to several billion little suns within your soul. (more…)

Drake Daniels


Drake Daniels (AKA Trevin Dyson) was an incomparable genius in modeling, acting, art, painting and recordings. His musical style combined his American Heritage and the experience he gained touring Europe as a musician. While in Amsterdam, he developed the stage name Drake Daniels, recorded his first album and became a well-known recording artist. It was […]

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TRACY QUANTUM, LLC offers meditation training courses to assist corporations, community-based organizations and small business owners increase productivity, provide superior customer service, and strengthen employee satisfaction and retention. Tracy, one of the world’s leading experts in using meditation in the workplace, has been energizing people to expand beyond their limits and realize their maximum potential […]